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St. Paul's Westfield
Christmas Services

Christmas at St. Paul’s:
Family Eucharist & Pageant
Monday, December 24 at 4:00pm w/ St. Paul’s Choristers and a sermon suitable for all ages.
Christmas Eve Choral Eucharist
Monday, December 24 at 10:00pm w/ St. Paul’s Choir and String Quartet.
Christmas Day Eucharist
Tuesday, December 25 at 10:00am w/ Sermon & Carols

Welcome to St. Paul's Westfield
Welcome to St. Paul's Westfield

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

St. Paul’s is one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of New Jersey with more than 1,400 members. We are a faithful, strong, and healthy church in the town of Westfield. We welcome diversity. We believe that change brings opportunities. As we continue to welcome our new rector, The Rev. Dr. Duncan Johnston, we are filled with anticipation of the many positive gifts the future will bring.

Welcome to St. Paul’s!                                                                            

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Funding the Mission Task Force Report

At the Annual Meeting in January 2018, Father Duncan Johnston described the financial state of the church. A key point of his report was that we cannot continue to rely upon the Memorial Endowment Trust (MET) for operating support without depleting it to the point that the financial health of the church is jeopardized. Father Duncan highlighted the need for a thorough assessment of the church’s finances and for recommendations to strengthen its resources so that we can make the most of our opportunities, capitalize on the new start we are embracing, and fulfill our spiritual vision.

To address this critical issue, the Vestry established the Funding the Mission Task Force to examine strategies to grow our income and opportunities to reduce spending without cutting back on essentials. The link below leads to the report from the Mission Task Force to the Vestry.

Click here to read the Mission Task Force report to the Vestry.

Music This Week
Music This Week

Want to learn more about our musical selections each week? Click over to the Music This Week page to learn more.

Save the Date!
Save the Date!

Save the Date - 1st Communion Preparation:
Monday, November 19th @ 4:00pm
The Episcopal Church teaches that everyone who has been baptized is a full member of the Christian Church and is able to receive Holy Communion.  However, many of our members, particularly those whose background is in the Roman Catholic Church, prefer their children to refrain from taking communion until they are old enough to receive some preparation.  On November 19th, Fr. Duncan and Erica Webber will host a one-hour class for all children whose parents would like them to attend.  Please contact Erica Webber or Fr. Duncan or 908-232-8506, x12

Bible Study
Bible Study

Bible Study Thursday, November 29th @ 10:30am
This term we will be studying what are known as the 'Catholic Epistles'.  These are the letters in the New Testament that were not written by Paul - in other words, James, Jude, and the letters of Peter and John.  This week we will read 1st Peter.  Always lively and challenging, interesting and practical, this is a great way to get to know more people at St Paul's.

See what some of our members say about What St. Paul's Means to Them as shared with the congregation during our Stewardship Campaign.  

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

414 East Broad St.
Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: (908) 232-8506